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Nancy Anabel

Country director, India

Nancy bio
“My childhood dream was to erase boundaries that exclude people in the name of caste (class) and gender in rural India. After four decades, my dream to strive towards social inclusion became a distinct possibility.”

Tres palabras que mejor la describen

compassionate, consistent, courageous

¿Cuál es su rol y conexión con la causa?

A strategic and forward-looking professional, Nancy advocates for issues related to inclusivity and sustainable development. She has led transformation among men and women in rural India to realize social and economic empowerment by combining cutting-edge technology with her knowledge of gender issues.

Nancy has been instrumental in raising funds for program development by building strategic alliances with reputable public, private, corporate and international organizations, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Norwegian Government, Tata Trust, Qualcomm, Intel and Microsoft.

She leads strategic growth, program development, international and domestic partnerships as well as day-to-day operations in our India office.

¿Qué formación académica la preparó para el éxito?

Nancy holds a masters of philosophy with a focus in sociology, a masters of social work, a post-graduate diploma in counselling and a diploma in theology.

Información interesante

Nancy admires the vibrancy and harmony of nature and colours, which she reflects in her poetry, photography and being.