134 activities to celebrate children realizing their rights

POSTED October 7, 2018

134 activities to celebrate children realizing their rights

Learn more about a month in Paraguay devoted to safeguarding children

By Rosanna Menchaca, communications manager, Paraguay

Children painting mural

Every year, CCFC Paraguay joins with its local partners FortaleSer, Fundación Alda, Global Infancia and Crecer to build activities into our programs that mark Paraguay’s children’s month.

This year 134 activities incorporated music, balloons, stories, gifts, clowns, puppets, workshops, forums and more into our programs, so children could celebrate, learn and advocate for their rights.

Below is a sampling of the fun enjoyed across the communities where we work in Paraguay.

Limpio Sur

Children enjoyed storytelling. “I like the story of Sari’i, because he has lot of adventures, and he met lot of friends. I learned I have to be honest,” said Heriberto, 9, recalling a story about a friendly possum character who teaches about education, the environment and more.


Staff worked closely with school administration to promote friendly spaces, using traditional Paraguay games like spinning tops, jump balls, bingo and more. The school also received paint to create murals with special messages about children’s rights. “Children need time and space to play. Playing is not a luxury, it is a necessity,” was the message captured on the wall by many little hands.


More than 100 children and youth participated in a forum called Oñondivepa ñande mbarete ha javy’ave (“Together we are strong and happier” in Guaraní) with the support of the government and other local authorities. Youth discussed education, health, infrastructure and more with newly elected authorities, such as Alejo Rios Medina, the Governor of Caaguazú.

These special days commemorate August 16, 1869, when 20,000 soldiers from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay fought against a devastated Paraguayan force of 500 veteran soldiers and 3,500 children who remained in the country. The special month’s activities honour the memory of those who died defending their country and ensures history does not repeat itself neither by war, nor by human-rights violations.

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