Aspiring medical students experience healthcare in Paraguay

POSTED September 27, 2019

Aspiring medical students experience healthcare in Paraguay

Team fundraising includes gift to help children through Christian Children’s Fund of Canada

Youth Donate to Paraguay-VideoWeek

Four women studying healthcare recently visited Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) in Paraguay to learn about the South American country’s medical system.

But, there’s more, they also raised funds prior to the trip to bring clothing and school supplies to children they visited. With $1,000 left from their fundraising, two members of the group, Shania Wijay and Sangeetha Atheray, visited CCFC offices in Markham, Ont., to share their experience with our team and donate to our work in Paraguay.

They both described their experience.

“When we went to Paraguay, we were surrounded by the community, surrounded by families, a lot of children — that was probably the highlight of all of our trips there,” Shania said.

“This has been an absolutely amazing experience,” Sangeetha said. “I’ve learned so many new things.”

Along with their appreciation for the trip, the two students (along with Swati Ahilesan and Sandhya Atheray who joined them in Paraguay) will also become Global Youth Ambassadors for us.

Watch the video to learn about their donation and more about their experiences.

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