Frequently Asked Questions

Sponsorship combines funding from supporters to provide children with access to education so they can thrive in school and life. The program also gives children:
–  equal access to opportunities and resources, such as clean water, healthcare and quality education
–  confidence, knowledge and leadership skills to realize their rights
–  opportunities to have their voices heard through community clubs, public forums and our sponsorship programming
–  the tools to play an active role in improving the systems that are supposed to protect them
And, letters sent between donor and sponsored child contribute to building a child’s confidence, so they’re encouraged to create a brighter future for themselves.
Sponsorship helps children access education and thrive in school and life. To do this, we also provide nutritious meals, medical attention and clean water while addressing issues of discrimination, social exclusion and violence. To create lasting change, we ensure children are heard, included and empowered to grow up confident, overcome barriers and pursue their dreams.
For $39 per month, sponsorship through Children Believe gives a child access to education and provides their community with the tools and resources they need to thrive.
As a child sponsor, you’ll receive an Annual Report as well as an update of your sponsored child’s progress and a new photo, so you can see how they’ve grown. We also include updates from their community so you see what your support, along with their hard work, has accomplished.
Trust and accountability are very important to us. Children Believe uses results-based management to measure and evaluate everything we do. This ensures we’re accountable to you and can achieve the greatest change for children.
Read ChildVoice magazine and our online stories to meet the children and families you’re helping.
Absolutely. Children love to receive letters — it’s exciting and makes them feel special. Exchanging letters is a great way to get to know your sponsored child and help them succeed. You will receive a reply, but since most children in the communities where we work can’t write in English, the letters will be translated.
In keeping with our Policy for Keeping Children Safe, we ask sponsors to send letters through the postal service. Unfortunately, due to child-protection concerns, we do not encourage contact through email or social media. Children Believe may end the sponsorship relationship if it’s not in the child’s best interest.
Absolutely. Visiting your sponsored child will be an experience you won’t likely forget. Please contact us three months prior to your expected trip, so we can help plan your special visit.
Sure, children love to receive presents. Paper-based gifts that fit in an envelope, such as colouring paper, postcards, pictures of yourself and your family, musical cards and paper puzzles are ideal, as packages are difficult to process and may cost more to send. You can send a gift by contacting us directly.
We hope children stay in the sponsorship program until they finish school, complete skills-training or their community develops the tools necessary to become self-sufficient. Occasionally, various circumstances, including a family moving, may lead to a child leaving the program. For details, call 1.800.263.5437, or email us at
Children Believe provides sponsorship opportunities in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nicaragua and Paraguay. We focus our efforts where children and families need our help most and where sponsors can make the biggest difference.
When you write, your sponsored child will receive your original letter along with a translation. Similarly, you’ll receive your child’s original letter with a translation.
There are other ways to give. For example, you can become a Community Rise donor for as little as $19 a month. Your gift will help break through barriers to creating healthy, educated and empowered communities.
For more details, contact our donor-relations team at 1.800.263.5437 or
We understand circumstances change. We’re here to help. Please call 1.800.263.5437, or email, and our team will discuss your giving options.
While we welcome visitors, it is not possible to volunteer through Children Believe. If you’re interested in volunteering overseas, we recommend looking into opportunities with World University Service of Canada and Canada World Youth.
Yes. Every February, Children Believe sends official donation receipts for income-tax purposes. If you have not received the receipt, or need a replacement copy, contact our donor-relations team at 1.800.263.5437 or
Trust and accountability are important to us. For more details, visit our financial section, and read our annual audited financial statements.
Leaving a gift in your Will isn’t just for the very wealthy — it’s for anyone who cares deeply about a cause. If you believe no child should be held back by poverty and injustice, then you might consider giving a gift to Children Believe in your Will.
What makes a gift in a Will so special is it can include assets you’d never think of in a regular donation — the value of your home, for example, or your investments. Because a gift in a Will comes from your net worth, you might make a much bigger difference this way.
A gift in your Will extends a lifetime of giving. Perhaps you’ve sponsored children, or maybe picking gifts from our catalogue has become a beloved tradition. Including Children Believe in your Will builds on that generosity, creating a legacy of helping children.
You’ll be helping children access knowledge, training and opportunities to raise their voices and make positive change. You’ll provide life essentials: clean water, healthy food and safe places to grow and play. And, you’ll support the greatest tool we have in our global movement for change: education.
A type of gift called a residual gift is a great option to make sure your estate meets your needs. Think of your estate like a pie you can divide. You can leave a slice to each of your children, a slice to your grandchildren and a slice to Children Believe.
By donating assets other than cash, you can easily save capital gains and estate taxes and can make a bigger impact than you ever thought possible. Examples of other types of gifts you can leave are stocks and securities, life insurance, RRSPs or RRIFs, Annuities and more.
You can use a legal clause called a codicil to update a Will and make a planned gift to Children Believe. It’s easy.
And, although we’ve had a recent name change, from Christian Children’s Fund of Canada to Children Believe, there’s no need to update your Will to ensure we can accept the bequest.
Children Believe
ChildFund Australia
ChildFund Deutschland (Germany)
ChildFund International (USA)
ChildFund Ireland
ChildFund Japan
ChildFund Korea
ChildFund New Zealand
Barnfonden (Sweden)
Educo (Spain)
Un Enfant Par La Main (France)
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Together with children, we create sustainable solutions that protect and advance their rights and well-being.
As members of the ChildFund Alliance, Children Believe can address children’s issues and tackle injustices with the support and resources of our vast network of members to maximize positive change around the world.
Contact us, or visit the ChildFund Alliance website for details about other member organizations.
There are application instructions at the end of each posting. An “Apply Now” button will typically prompt you to begin the application process. Expect to enter contact information, answer questions regarding your experience and salary expectations as well as attach/upload a cover letter and resumé. Unless requested otherwise, ensure your resumé and cover letter are in English. Although we operate in multilingual countries, applications for certain positions must be received in English.
If you included your email address on your profile, you should receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. If you don’t receive the confirmation, check your email provider’s spam folder.
If you are one of the candidates selected for an interview, you will be contacted as soon as we collect and review applications, which may take a few weeks. Please check the email address listed on your resumé regularly. If we invite you to an interview, we require a response within the timeframe noted in our communications.
You can set up a free email account with Google, Yahoo or another email provider, and use it on your application.
You’ll need to re-submit the online application and ensure it is completed in full. (If the opportunity is still posted.)
If you apply for a position and anticipate you will be travelling soon — with limited access to email — let us know when you’ll be available. Otherwise, if we contact you and don’t receive a response, we may assume you are no longer interested in the position.
Send an email to, notifying us about the issue, and we will help you submit your application.
All resumés must be attached to your online application. Review the file size limitations and submit again. If you continue to have difficulties, please email for further help.
You can combine documents into a single file, however, it is recommended that you minimize the number of attachments; only a cover letter and resumé — unless otherwise specified in the job posting — are necessary.
You will need to create and submit a new online application. Confirm your application has been received by Children Believe by checking for an email confirmation, which should be received within 24 hours of submitting your application.
Yes. Each application is specific to a particular job posting.
Since we were founded in 1960, we’ve reached out to children of all faiths, ethnicities and cultures, and all people who want to make a difference in their lives. Yet, in the countries we work, there’s often confusion about whether we serve children of other faiths.
As a commitment to our Christian faith principles, we want every child to feel excited and proud our name represents them and every person to feel inspired and welcome to join our cause.
Yes. We reached out to thousands of donors, staff and members of the public. Overwhelmingly, people loved the name Children Believe and valued us staying true to our Christian roots.
Children Believe shares the same mission, vision and values as Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (our former name). For nearly 60 years, we’ve followed the example of Christ by serving the poor regardless of their faith, cultural and ethnic background. We will continue to do so.
We’re focusing our efforts on empowering children to overcome barriers preventing them from accessing education, staying in school and pursuing their dreams.
Yes, we are proudly Canadian and take action through a global network. In addition to our Canadian office in Markham, Ontario, we have offices in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nicaragua and Paraguay. We also have regional projects in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Malawi, Mexico and Rwanda. This global community helps empower children to influence change.
Our address and phone number are the same, however, our email addresses, website addresses and social-media accounts have changed.
Each country (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nicaragua and Paraguay) has unique legal requirements with varying timeliness to complete the process.
The country office name changes will begin in 2020.
We focused on finding a new name representing how you inspire confidence and courage in children, empowering them to change their world.
Children Believe reflects the brave and beautiful beliefs of every child — and our global community’s belief in their dreams, too. Whether it’s helping end child marriage, being the first in their family to go to school, or growing up to be a teacher, astronaut or nurse, we want every child to believe they can do the extraordinary. That, can take them anywhere.
Children Believe works globally to empower children to dream fearlessly, stand up for what they believe in — and be heard. For nearly 60 years, we’ve brought together brave young dreamers, caring supporters and partners, and unabashed idealists. Together, we’re driven by a common belief: creating access to education — inside and outside of classrooms — is the most powerful tool children can use to change their world.
Our roots date back to the 1930s when Dr. Verent Mills left Canada to work as a missionary in China. During the Sino-Japanese war (1937-1945) the unlikely hero rescued 142 starving orphans under fire, fleeing on foot more than 480 kilometres to a China’s Children Fund-supported orphanage. But, that’s just the beginning of our story.
There’s more, visit our Who We Are page to read the rest.
Who we are will never change. We continue to follow the example of Christ by serving the poor regardless of their faith, cultural or ethnic background, just as we’ve done for nearly 60 years.
No, your tax receipt will reference Children Believe Fund, but it will include all 2019 donations.
Your cheques should be made payable to Children Believe. Don’t worry if you’ve already sent cheques designating funds to Christian Children’s Fund of Canada. Our bank has given us a grace period to accommodate the name change. We kindly ask you make your next batch of cheques payable to Children Believe.
No, this change will not impact your pre-authorized payment arrangements.
No, this change does not impact your credit-card transactions. Children Believe will appear on your credit-card statements.
This change doesn’t affect your sponsored child or children. They continue to receive the same benefits following the name change.