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Jorge Mendez Rheineck


Jorge bio
“My childhood dream was to be a soccer player.”

Three words that best describe him

tenacious, collaborative, reflective

What’s his role and connection to the cause?

Our country director since 2012, Jorge has had a diverse career. He’s held technical and management positions in the financial, educational and social sectors and created the United Nations Development Programme Human Development office in Paraguay.

His expertise spans inclusive development and poverty reduction, including social management, international financing, strategic planning and research.

He leads strategic growth, program development, international and domestic partnerships as well as day-to-day operations in our Paraguay office.

What academic work set him up for success?

Jorge has a degree in philosophy from the National University of Asunción in Paraguay, degrees in business administration and accounting as well as a master of arts in education from the Catholic University Nuestra Señora de la Asunción in Paraguay and a masters in public administration from Harvard University.

Interesting tidbit

The country director enjoys spending time at home with his family. He loves meditating, researching and writing.